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Poem Drew4Mercer County Sheriff

In Mercer County's tapestry, diverse and grand, Drew Cifrodelli, the Sheriff we proudly demand. For rich, poor, and middle class, his reach extends, Protecting individual freedom, where tyranny contends.

In Trenton's urban core, where struggles unfold, Drew upholds our rights, courageous and bold. Election integrity, a cornerstone belief, Preserving liberty, providing relief.

In Princeton's halls, where intellect prevails, Drew safeguards freedoms, ensuring no curtails. Redress of grievances, he fervently defends, Listening to voices, justice he amends.

West Windsor and East Windsor, side by side, Drew champions parental rights, a staunch guide. Sex Ed and vaccine mandates, a delicate cause, Respecting choices, preserving parental laws.

In Robbinsville's embrace, where dreams unite, Drew stands for informed consent, shining bright. Medical freedom, bodily autonomy, his fight, Empowering individuals, protecting their rights.

Lawrenceville's streets, where dialogue thrives, Drew defends freedom of speech, where hope survives. Voices amplified, expression unrestrained, A Sheriff who values the words uncontained.

In Hopewell and Pennington, tranquility's reign, Drew ensures the right to peaceful assembly remains. Citizens gather, united and strong, Exercising their rights, singing freedom's song.

Ewing's embrace, where resilience prevails, Drew upholds the right to bear arms when tyranny assails. Against a government's tyranny, he'll stand, Preserving liberty with a courageous hand.

And in Hamilton's realm, where transparency's sought, Drew strives for government transparency, as he ought. Accountability and trust, pillars he'll restore, An open system, where justice can pour.

So let us unite, from every city and town, Elect Drew Cifrodelli, for justice renowned. With individual freedom as his guiding light, He'll protect Mercer County, shining day and night.

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